Oval Faces

Kickstarting the makeup learning process: How to use makeup based on face shape.

I’ve always thought heart-shaped faces were absolutely adorable. Something about the shape is, well… loveable. Think of Reese Witherspoon. Loveable! Square faces can also be quite attractive in their uniqueness. Zendaya is a perfect example. The oval, however, is the most common face shape. Hairstylists and makeup artists say it is the most versatile face shape to work with because the proportions are good for most haircuts and makeup styles.

An oval face shape has a jawline that is often narrower than the temple line making the jaw less prominent than other face shapes. Oval faces also usually have high cheekbones. Still not sure if your face is an oval? Watch the video below to confirm!

Once we know our face shape, we can figure out makeup placement and styles that work best for the features we want to highlight, or hide! For oval faces, many find that highlighting the cheekbones can be flattering. Applying blush or contouring under the cheekbones will make them stand out more. You can also apply a light foundation around the eyes, nose, and lower forehead. We will explore these ideas more in later posts.

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