Feeling Pretty While Applying Makeup

We all put on makeup with the desire to be pretty. But seeing yourself in that close-up view in the mirror doesn’t let you hide from your flaws. You can’t pretend they don’t exist, you can’t pretend to love them, but you can accept them. And you know what is even better, feeling good despite them. Here is one sure-fire way to feel good when putting on your makeup that a wonderful friend taught me.

Before you begin, think about the emotions you want to have when you put on makeup. Think back to a previous experience and what you enjoyed about it. How did it feel? Find the emotion, or adjective, that perfectly describes those positive feelings. Maybe you felt inspired, pretty, relaxed, satisfied, feminine, etc. Pick 1-3 that you want to feel this time when you put on your makeup. It’s like setting an intention before you begin.

When you start to put on your make up you will notice these feelings happen naturally. Sometimes you just need to pay attention and allow them to rise up. Your brain will literally fire all of the happy hormones you are looking for. Do this every time you do your makeup, and it will always be an enjoyable experience and eventually become automatic! Try it!

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