How To Make Your Hair Less Greasy

If you have thin hair and shampoo everyday, you likely may be asking yourself how to make your hair less greasy. Understandably shampooing everyday is tempting, however, any hair expert will advise against this. Shampooing on a daily basis is a huge factor in why your hair is greasy. Shampoo dries out the scalp, so in response, your scalp produces sebum to replace the moisture lost during your shower.

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What Is Sebum?

Sebum is a mixture of fatty acids, waxes, and other natural chemicals that protect the skin’s moisture barrier. Sebum not only keeps your scalp moisturized, but it also keeps your hair moisturized too.

You may be asking, “is sebum the same thing as oil?” No, sebum is just one of the many components of oil which also includes sweat, dead skin cells, and tiny particles from the dust floating around you.”

Why It Is Important To Stop Shampooing Everyday

There are many benefits to not washing your hair everyday. Not shampooing everyday helps your hair to maintain natural oils and leads to shinier, healthier hair. It also results in less breakage, less build up, a moisturized scalp, easier styling, and most importantly… less greasy hair!

How To Stop Shampooing Everyday

After reading several articles about the best way to do this I have decided to gradually build up the number of days between washes. The first week, I transitioned to washing my hair every other day. This was a relatively easy transition. My hair was definitely greasy on the second day but it was bearable. No additional products or special care was needed.

Note: Make sure you are using sulphate-free shampoo when you are washing your hair. This will make a massive difference. It is also advised to use shampoo with a pH that is lower than 5.5 for the same purposes.

During the second week I began the transition to two days between washes. On the third day, my scalp was itchy and my hair was greasy from my scalp to halfway down. This called for adding in a clarifying shampoo and scalp scrub to cleanse my scalp. Scalp care is incredibly important to this process and gives you something refreshing to look forward to at the end of day 3. NatureLab. Tokyo’s Clarifying Scrub below was the perfect remedy.

I have just finished the second week and am waiting to transition to 3 days between scrubs. I will update the post later to let you know how that goes! Experts suggest that 2-3 days is a common max number of days for very fine hair so I will experiment and see what works best for my hair type. For other textures, it is possible to extend to 4-7 days. Comment below if you have any suggestions!

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