How To Use A Beauty Blender

Beauty blenders are my new obsession! I have always used brushes to apply my foundation but thought I would branch out and try the beauty blenders that I have seen all over YouTube and Instagram. I may be a complete convert and now consider them to be a makeup essential. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my brushes, but I enjoyed the process of using a beauty blender so much that they are most definitely going to be worked into my routine from now on. If you have never used a beauty blender, I highly recommend trying one. Not only do they apply foundation and concealer evenly but using them is also a super enjoyable experience.

What Is The Difference Between A Beauty Blender and Brush?

What is the difference between using a beauty blender and a brush to apply foundation? Think of it as the difference between airbrushing and painting. The beauty blender, like airbrushing, creates a gentle, light, even look that you can use to gradually build up to full coverage. This application method uses more product.

Brushing, on the other hand, uses less product. Like painting, how much you spread out the foundation determines your coverage. A flat brush will give you more of the painting effect or you can also buff on your foundation using a round brush and a round patting motion. I really enjoy the buffing approach because I feel like it is the easiest way to get the foundation absorbed into the skin.

Another option is to use both to get the best of both worlds! I have absolutely loved doing a combo and exploring different options and encourage you to do the same to find what works best for you.

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The first step to applying foundation using a beauty blender is to use a primer. If you are like me and tend to err on the side of minimalism, you may be thinking, “Is this necessary?” And I say yes. Why would you want to miss out on the pleasures of additional skincare benefits and the joy of applying something so satisfying to your skin? You only live once so why not make your makeup routine as enjoyable as possible! Also, primers help to create a smooth surface for your makeup that helps it to absorb into the skin, enhances full coverage, and keeps it in place all day long.

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For the beauty blender to be able to really do its magic, it is important that it is wet. It is recommended to use filtered water for this step so you are not putting any unwanted chemicals on your face. Makeup artists say it is best to use warm water in the winter and cool water in the summer. The warm water will not only make you feel warm and cozy but will also help warm up your makeup so it is more malleable when you are ready to apply it to the skin. The cool water in the summer is just meant to be refreshing!

You will want to completely saturate your beauty blender in water so it expands to twice its original size and then squeeze out all of the excess water. The end result should be damp instead of dripping wet. Your beauty blender will now have the perfect amount of moisture and be extra fluffy.


This is the most exciting part of the whole experience and what makes it truly unique from other makeup applicators. Put a dab of foundation on the back of your hand and then dip your beauty blender into it. Then, gently bounce the foundation onto your face until you achieve full coverage. No dragging is necessary. The bounce will do all of the work for you and will help to make the foundation absorb into your skin. This is key to avoiding the cakey look and for your foundation to stay put all day. The end result will be a beautifully even coverage that will leave you incredibly satisfied. Use the same process to apply your concealer.

How to Clean Your Beauty Blender

Beauty blenders need to be cleaned every day they are used. This will help you avoid putting bacteria on your face, especially around your eyes, nose, and mouth. Your immune system will thank you!

There are several ways that you can wash your beauty blender. The first option is to use soap and water. You can buy a liquid blender cleanser or use a gentle soap like castille soap. Massage the soap gently into the beauty blender until you see the color start to come up. Then rinse the blender out until the water is clear. Repeat again as needed.

Another option is to place your beauty blender in a bowl of water and soap so it is completely covered and place it in the microwave for 60 seconds. Let the water cool before removing the beauty blender. The water will be filled with all the colors of your makeup palette and the blender will be perfectly clean.

The final option is to use oil first and then soap and water for a double cleanse. Your makeup is oil-based and the easiest way to break up oil is to use oil. You can gently massage oil into your beauty blender to loosen the makeup, then use soap and water as described above.

Although cleaning your blender will make it fresh and pretty again, eventually it will wear down and need to be replaced. Makeup artists recommend replacing it every 3 months.

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Happy Beauty Blending!

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