Let’s Talk About Foundation

Foundation is truly what it says it is, the foundation of your makeup. Getting the foundation right can completely transform your makeup routine and the way you look. We will cover anything and EVERYTHING you need to know about foundation in the next few posts. This post will talk specifically about how to choose your foundation.

Testing and Choosing Your Foundation

First, let’s start with how to choose a foundation. When you go to the store and are testing out different products, what is the first place you think of to test foundation? Most likely you are thinking the back of your hand. Right? But, the best place on your body to test the foundation is on your jaw right below your cheekbones (See below). This area is typically the median of the colors of your forehead, chest, and neck.

Make sure your face is clean and moisturized with the products you use at home before you test each foundation. If you do not hydrate, it will be difficult to see the formula’s true texture. You don’t want to see it caking or crusting! We will talk more about prepping and priming in a later post.

To apply the foundation you are testing, make sure you are using the tool you would use at home (i.e. brush, beauty blender, fingers). Each tool will apply the foundation differently so you want to make sure you apply the foundation the same way to get the best match.

Foundation can oxidize and grow darker after application. Oxidation means that oxygen is stealing an electron from the product and causing it to break down (think of an apple on a table that starts to brown). This takes place 5-10 minutes after application. After it is dry, check the color out in natural light. You may need to go outside to get the best view. NOTE: Antioxidants found in serums can reduce oxidation!

Each of these steps will ensure that you get the right color and formula. Many companies have foundation quizzes online and then allow you to sample the product at home before purchasing. This is a great option! I’m currently using Il Makiage: Woke Up Like This Flawless Base Concealer in shade 20. It is a lightweight full coverage matte concealer that feels smooth and looks great. The product is the most-reviewed product in the US and makeup wearers unanimously sing its praises!

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