The Best Shower Routine For Skin and Hair

Showering is an important step in creating healthy, glowing skin and hair. Taking a shower the right way will not only have you feeling squeaky clean but it is also a vital part of your skincare and hair routine.

Showers at this point in your life most likely happen automatically. You get in, you get out without really thinking about what you are doing. But are you really getting clean and doing your best to keep your skin and hair healthy? Are you enjoying the process as much as possible? There is more to showers than you may think and this is your opportunity to really elevate your daily beauty routine to make it truly luxurious.

Discover a shower routine for skin and hair that will transform this daily ritual.

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The Perfect Temperature

The first step in your new shower routine for skin and hair is to set the water to the perfect temperature. Showering at the right temperature is incredibly important to keeping your skin healthy, moisturized, and glowing. Although hot showers can feel glorious, especially in the winter, they disrupt your skin’s moisture barrier which affects the look, feel, and health of your skin. This moisture barrier is part of your first line of defense against infection and pollution from the outside world. The perfect temperature for a shower is between 98 – 101 degrees Fahrenheit. 105 degrees or higher is too hot!

Brush Your Hair

Before you step into the shower, brush your hair. Your hair is at its most vulnerable when it is wet and can be easily damaged by brushing. When you brush your hair before showering, you can tackle your biggest tangles while it is in its strongest state. You will also find that untangled locks are significantly easier to wash when they are freshly brushed.

To brush your hair, work in sections from front to back. With your first section, start by using short strokes to brush out the tips of your hair. Once this area is tangle free, move one inch up at a time brushing out the tangles until you reach the roots of your hair. Continue this process until you have finished all sections and your hair is silky smooth. Be gentle and patient as you work. It may take a few minutes but is definitely worth it. The type of brush you use is also important so do your research to make sure you have the best brush for your hair type and purpose. You may want to buy multiple brushes!

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Body Wash

Once you have stepped into the shower, the warm water will open your pores to get your skin ready to be washed. After a few moments basking in the warmth, use a wash towel and your favorite soap to gently scrub your body.

This step is just as important to your skin’s health as the shower temperature. The type of soap you use and its pH level is important to maintain your skin’s moisture level. True soaps are fatty acid salts that are very effective at washing away your skin’s sebum and dirt, but they have a high pH of 9-10 which can be harmful to the skin, especially sensitive skin. These soaps are great when you are in serious need of a heavy duty cleanse, think coal miner, but are not best for day to day use. Your skin’s natural pH is around a 5.4 so a soap with a pH level closer to that will be much better tolerated in the shower.

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Should you use a loofah, wash cloth, or your hands? It really is up to personal preference, however, you should be mindful that loofahs and wash clothes harbor bacteria after a single use. Wash clothes and loofahs should be washed or replaced daily. Experts recommend being mindful of using these options to clean your face as they may be too rough. Using your hands is always a great option for your face and your body but should always be cleaned first.

No matter what you use to wash your body, this is your perfect chance to love your body and give yourself a luxurious massage after a long day.


Make sure your hair is fully wet before beginning to shampoo. The warm water will open the cuticles in your hair making it easier to absorb your conditioner later.

Use a dime to quarter-size dollop of shampoo depending on the length of your hair and apply to the roots of your hair. Gently massage it into your scalp using the pads of your fingers. Avoid scrubbing as this is too harsh on the scalp and will tangle your hair. Its also important to avoid circular motions or harsh back and forth movements. Wash your hair like your favorite hairstylist does at the salon and make it an enjoyable experience. For extra love and attention, try using a scalp care product before you shampoo.

The type of shampoo and conditioner you use is important and should be well researched to make sure you have the best brand for your scalp, hair type, and color needs.

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Now add conditioner from the middle to the ends of your hair. Work the conditioner evenly through your hair, spreading it over each strand. Use your fingers to work through tangles as needed until your hair is soft, silky, and tangle free. Let the conditioner sit the recommended amount of time that is listed on the bottle. Letting it sit will ensure that it is fully absorbed by your hair making it shinier and smoother once it is dry.

Wash Your Face

The next step is to wash your face. Pull out your favorite cleanser and use your hands to massage it into your skin. Massage for about 60 seconds avoiding scrubbing. Make sure to wash your neck!

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Final Rinse

Your final rinse is key to creating glowing skin and hair. To tighten your pores and close your hair follicles, use cold water for your final rinse. This will help to seal in moisture, especially from the conditioner. Cold water also tightens the appearance of your skin and boosts your circulation leaving you with a healthier, renewed, and refreshed appearance. This is the key to a successful shower routine for skin and hair!


The last step to getting the most out of your shower to create healthy, glowing hair and skin is to moisturize. After gently drying off, apply moisturizer within two minutes. There are two types of moisturizer to consider: humectants and emollients. Humectants are more breathable, are less likely to cause breakouts, and include ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin. These products help to draw water to the surface of the skin.

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Emollients trap water in the skin, tend to be relatively greasy, and are usually oil-based. These are great options for arms and legs in colder months.

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This is also the time for you to do your full skincare routine for your face and to give your hair one final brush. Remember, your hair is fragile while wet so it is recommended to use detangler when needed and to brush your hair following the aforementioned steps with extra care.

After completing each step of your new shower routine for skin and hair, you will not only feel cleaner than ever but you will also be relaxed and proud of yourself for taking such good care of yourself.

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